Do men suffer from cystitis

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Do men suffer from cystitis?

Alas, yes. And for many, inflammation of the walls of the bladder becomes a very unpleasant surprise. The cause of the disease may even be a banal allergy to soap or contraceptives. Although it is more often caused by an infection that has entered the genitourinary system.

Symptoms of cystitis in men include a feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen, burning when urinating, constant weakness and decreased performance. Sometimes the signs of the disease are more significant. For example, a patient has pain in the lower back, urine changes color and smell, blood impurities are noticeable in it. Moreover, such symptoms can quickly progress for the worse. It is clear that you will have to cancel business meetings, walks with friends or vacation trips. It is necessary, without postponing the problem, to go to an appointment with a urologist.

Without timely treatment, cystitis in men can become complicated and develop into chronic urinary incontinence, inflammation of the kidneys or genitals. For diagnosis, a biochemical analysis of blood and urine is carried out. If necessary, ultrasound of the bladder is prescribed. A smear is made from the urethra, which helps to remove concomitant sexually transmitted diseases.

Antibacterial drugs are prescribed for the treatment of cystitis. In parallel, diuretic herbal preparations can be recommended. They allow you to normalize urination. In the presence of a pronounced pain syndrome, analgesics, anesthetics or antispasmodics are prescribed. Complete recovery from cystitis with proper treatment is possible in just 5-10 days. And do not forget that in the treatment of any diseases, a positive attitude is very important for a speedy recovery. Drive away bad thoughts from yourself. And if you need to distract yourself, then do what you love. For example, you can watch a movie, read an interesting book or play slots by opening any online casino in Tajikistan via the Internet. By the way, the latter option will definitely cheer you up, because after registration you will be given welcome bonuses, and everyone loves gifts from us. You can learn more about men’s health here

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